Universal SIM Card with global coverage

Stay connected worldwide
and save up to 85% on roaming

BrainChat’s Universal/International SIM Card can be used in over 200+ countries worldwide
to help travelers be connected anywhere they go


Universal SIM Card for International Travellers and Tourists

Our SIM Card is a universal and International Sim Cards with multi-Network enabled features which keeps you connected wherever you go. The SIM at any given time connects to the strongest local network at each location.

For Human Communications/M2M/IoT Connectivity Support

BrainChat Universal SIM is not only used by People, it also enables global M2M/IoT connectivity by combining 800+ providers into a single global, mobile network. Worldwide roaming M2M SIM card is designed specifically for your M2M devices. It works in alarms, GPS trackers, pet trackers, remote sensors, control systems and thousands of other M2M applications. Integrated management platform at no extra cost.

Sponsored Roaming Enabled

With BrainChat Sponsored Roaming you can take advantage of our 800+ roaming partners in over 220 global destinations. We constantly improve our roaming footprint, focusing on data and prepaid. Voice and SMS roaming are enabled in virtually every country in the world, and data in over 140 countries. Our customers can enjoy superfast LTE data roaming in many worldwide destinations.


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